Flip \'flip\ - v. To toss so as to cause to turn over in the air
Flop \'fläp\ - v. To change or turn suddenly

FlipFlop is a first person puzzle platformer game, created for the 7DFPS Challenge

How to play:
WASD - Move
Mouse - Look/Aim
Right mouse button - Snap camera up
Space - Flip
Shift - Walk

F1 - Options Esc - Quit level to menu Del - Reset level
1. If you start the game with the options box open, your mouse wont be locked.
Or, if the mouse stops being locked, toggle the options on, then back off again, using F1.
2. Collision are a little bit buggy, and break occasionally. If you get stuck, press DELETE to reset your character.

There are several builds available. I highly recommend you use the native build for your platform.
However, If you really don't want to download and run it, a Unity Webplayer build is also available!

Frequently asked questions
This isn't an FPS! There's no shooting!
Yeah, well... that's not a question, so ha.

I got stuck, what do I do?
Yeah, sadly, there's still a few bugs here and there. Press DELETE to reset the level!

Why is this so disorientating?
Because you are flipping upside down half the time! It's probably just as bad in real life.
It might help to try looking at the ground before you flip - this way you'll end up looking the way you're going

Oculus rift support?
Planned! Sadly, I don't have one yet, so I'll need to get some money together beforehand :(

Anywhere I can subscribe to get updates?
Follow me on Twitter! @Darkfrost
Also, leave a comment on the 7DFPS page telling me what you think!
Love the game, but want more?
There's various pieces of software I need to buy to be able to develop this properly! If you really feel like helping out, you could donate towards the future development of this game!